SD Maid Pro Cracked APK v5.5.6 + Latest Version 2023 Free Download

SD Maid Pro Cracked APK v5.5.6 +Latest Version 2023 Full Download

SD Maid Pro Cracked APK v5.5.6 + Latest Version 2023 Free Download

SD Maid Pro Cracked APK is a useful Android app to wipe your phone or tablet from an extra file that remains after uninstalling the program on your device. SD Maid Pro Cracked APK scans your phone or tablet for cached files and extra files and then tries to clear them from Android device memory.

You can now download the latest version of SD Maid Pro with unlocked features from the website.SD Maid Pro APK Activation Code is an app that looks for all of the garbage that you have accumulated on your smartphone over time in order to clean the unnecessary sections and free up space on your phone.

SD Maid Pro Cracked APK – System Cleaning Tool + MOD Android

SD Maid Pro With Patch It finds things in places that you would never have imagined. This maintenance suite is quite full-featured. The tools include a focus on tasks ranging from eliminating duplicated files (in the paid Pro version) to exploring temporary files or searching for ‘cadavers’ that are no longer being used.

SD Maid Pro MOD Apk is the most advanced cleaner app with a simple user interface that will help to navigate all features easily and create more room by deleting duplicates, leftovers by uninstalled apps, and unwanted files. Meanwhile, it helps in system-wide things if you have proper root access.

SD Maid Pro Cracked APK – System Cleaning Tool + MOD Android

SD Maid PRO Cracked Apk will help you to keep your device clean and tidy! Furthermore, the SD Maid unlocker app unlocks the pro version to enable all extra features. It offers a set of tools for managing applications and files. This is not a standalone application.

SD Maid PR0 Apk Mac is not as flashy as the other tools. It really is all about your performance, so you don’t have to look good. 1 million users on Google Play have proven it. You don’t see any great colors, but the features are clean and easy to use. With monochromatic color, it makes the user comfortable and not annoyed.

Introducing some parts of SD Maid Pro with unlocked Features

  •  Section explorer provides you with a powerful file manager.
  •  The Corpse Finder section gives you the ability to scan your memory for unused files
  •  System Cleaner and AppCleaner partitions to keep the app cache clean.
  •  Duplicates section that searches for similar files and gives you that by wiping the device’s memory
  •  The largest section clears your device’s memory and displays large files and folders.

Why don’t you get a maid to clean everything?

  • SD Maid will help you keep your device neat, clean, and tidy :-)!
  • Try it, you won’t find a more comprehensive cleaning tool!
  • Choose a tab, press Start, then click one item to delete it or hit the Delete All button. It’s easy.

There are several positions available:

  • Explorer is a complete file manager, use it to track Android files.
  • You can use Finder if you know the file you are looking for.
  • CorpseFinder searches for isolated items on your device and compares them with the list of installed apps.
  • AppControl allows you to freeze, reset and remove apps (even system apps).
  • SystemCleaner scans your machine and filters out directories containing unnecessary files. You can even create your own filters!
  • You can optimize and reduce bloated databases to speed up access and free up space.
  • View your biggest files and discover what takes up all the space.
  • Find files that were modified in the last X minutes.
  • And more.
  • Some additional features, as well as convenience and convenience features, can be unlocked by purchasing and installing the SD Maid Pro unlocker.
  • SD Maid is constantly being developed and designed with great care.
  • Due to a large number of Android devices, SD Maid may not work perfectly on your device in which case I
  • would be grateful if you give me a chance to fix it by contacting me.

Many Features of SD Maid Pro:

  • So, do you think you need SD Maid Pro for Android? If you are still not sure about this cleaner app then
  • we have included several features that may change your mind. However, we recommend this app, whether you choose to read more or not.
  • However, we’ve listed all the benefits and characteristics below. Read on to understand why SD Maid Pro is the right app for you …
  • You can locate any of your modified or modified apps instantly at any time.
  • Also, check which apps are taking up the most space. Get all these selfish apps from ay.
  • Or at least clean it up to make room for your various gadgets, games, and any other application.
  • SystemCleaner will search for any files that are not necessary for your device. All your filters and guides will be checked for anything that might be a problem.
  • Use the Explorer tool to manage all your files. Whatever is not required or consumes a lot of your data, the storage and space will increase.
  • You can also use the Application Control feature to check which apps are annoying your device. Freeze it, and either keep it frozen or remove it from your Android device right away.
  • Likewise, you can optimize your device to condense any of those super fat apps and games that kill your mobile data. Lots of these different apps contain unnecessary and unnecessary terms, and now it’s time to get rid of all of that.
    There are still many features to be enjoyed and experienced. Continue downloading to understand more about the app

SD Maid Pro Key Features:

  • Overview – It shows your device details, root status, and storage.
  • Explorer – The file browser allows you to move, create, rename and delete files. If you have root access, you can do system edits too.
  • AppControl – In this section, all apps which you have installed are listed here. Actually, you can control them with the given tools.
  • Corpse Finder – Corpses are files or directories that SD Maid Pro thinks to belong to an application that is no longer installed. This feature can help you to remove those leftovers from the uninstalled apps.
  • System Cleaner – It scanned for unwanted files and deleted them safely.
  • App Cleaner – It deletes the app’s data by excluding the important ones.
  • Duplicates – Scans the whole storage and finds out the duplicates those needs to be deleted.
  • Analyzer – with this, you can able to know what is taking up most of your space.
  • Database – This will optimize the database by using the SQL command VACUUM. After performing this, you would see some performance changes.
  • Exclusions – You can exclude a particular folder or subfolder by giving the proper path.
  • Scheduler – Add a scheduler for some of the above features to let itself run automatically.

Sample Image:

SD Maid Pro Cracked APK v5.5.6 + Latest Version 2023 Free Download

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What’s New SD Maid Pro Crack?

  • Version v5.4.3
  • Facts about messy apps
  • Fixed CorpseFinder false-positive results on rooted Android 11 devices
  • Complete change records

What’s New SD Maid Pro Crack?


  • General dependency updates.
  • Update the cluster database.
  • Translations.

Fixed minor UI issues.

  • Changed: Android min API level from 16(4.1) to 21 (5.0). This means that the latest version for Android 4.1 to 4.4 is SD Maid v5.4.3.
  • Changed: Raised target API level to 29(Android 10) to improve compatibility with Android 10.


  • Fixed: Crash when using nested exclusions (#3952).


  • Improved: Updated filters for hidden cache, recycle bins files, and bug reporting files.
  • Fixed: ACS Matching on Android 11 Pixel devices (#3939).


  • Optimized graphics and clean resources for fast download> Optimized result (Total APK size 2.53MB)
  • Encrypt all resources
  • Languages: En, Ru

Pixel adjustment:

  • All languages ​​have been removed except for English and Russian
  • Graphics compression
  • Zipalign
  • Pixel style icon

Dark mod:

  • Improved graphics and clean resources for faster download speeds
  • Unlocked Professional Features –
  • No extra key is needed AMOLED Dark Venom theme has been activated
  • The main icon changed to the poison icon.
  • Languages: Multiple languages


  • Format: APK
  • Size: 6 MB
  • Source:
  • Password:

How to install SD Maid Pro with APK Unlocked?

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